O&3 – The Oil Family WRAPPED: A Year of Natural Oil Ingredients

Published: 4-Dec-2023

Bursting with pride whilst reflecting on a whirlwind of 2023, O&3 are celebrating a year of growth, sustainability, and collaboration. Join us as we embark on a journey through the global movement towards natural and explore the highlights of the oil family’s year

Natural is the new norm. From the recent launch of Motsi Mabuse's 98% natural skincare line to vegetable perfumes and natural alternatives to hyaluronic acid, brands everywhere are making the move to natural. Let’s explore what a year in natural ingredients looks like at O&3…

O&3 clients ordered 957 different natural ingredients in 2023

In 2023, O&3 customers formulated products with a huge 957 different natural ingredients from their 1,000 strong product portfolio. From cosmetic staples such as Coconut, Grapeseed and Sweet Almond Oil, to the rare and exotic Baobab, Tamanu and Kalahari Melon, O&3 really do have it all.

O&3 produced natural ingredients in 48 different countries

O&3’s relationships with suppliers, some of which have been built and nurtured over generations, ensure consistent delivery of the best quality products at competitive prices. During the past year, they produced natural ingredients in 48 diverse countries, ensuring the support of communities,
farmers, and families alike, to bring clients the most unique natural oil ingredients.

O&3 work hard to support farmers to develop outgrower cooperatives and pay a fair price for products, enabling cooperatives to invest in sustainability and infrastructure projects. These cooperatives provide training and employment opportunities for local people in some of the most hard-to-reach communities in the world, planting the seeds of a better future for all.

O&3 delivered natural ingredients to 57 countries

Amidst the complexities of global logistics in 2023, the oil family delivered ingredients to 57 countries, displaying a commitment to efficiency and adaptability, and also proving that when it comes to getting clients what they need, O&3 offer an unparalleled service. This is local reliability
with a truly global capability.

O&3 delivered 540,590kg of Zero Waste Oil

At O&3, zero waste ingredients aren't just a trend; they are a revolutionary opportunity for brands to enhance their sustainability efforts, and that’s why they have delivered 540,590kg of Zero Waste Oil in 2023. The concept of upcycled ingredients allows waste materials to be reclaimed and repurposed from the agricultural, food, and juice industries. Instead of being discarded, these ingredients are transformed into valuable by-products and raw ingredients. Brands that choose zero-waste products, whether it be cold-pressed oils, zero-waste exfoliants, or any other O&3 zero-waste products, are making a conscious choice for people and the planet.

O&3 house an impressive 7 accreditations and 2 memberships

O&3 proudly hold seven noteworthy accreditations and are affiliated with two esteemed memberships, underlining their dedication to excellence in regulatory compliance, quality assurance, and sustainability.

The diverse range of accreditations includes BRC Start, COSMOS Organic, COSMOS Natural, Kosher, Organic FOOD DA, ISO, and HACCP.

In addition to these accreditations, they are a proud member of two reputable organisations: RSPO and We Connect, which further reflects their commitment to ethical practices and collaborative partnerships within the industry.

7 events attended across 3 continents

During recent travels across the globe, O&3 expressed a heartfelt appreciation to all of those who took the time to visit the exhibits across Europe, the USA and Asia.

From reconnecting with familiar faces, to meeting new acquaintances, they all joined the mission to change the world's beauty and personal care products to be formulated with natural oil ingredients that are kinder to people and the planet.

New kid on the block – Castor

Hailey Bieber is always on trend, and after she shared the secret to her iconic slicked-back bun look in a viral TikTok video, where she slicked back her hair then added a few drops of organic castor oil, the demand for castor oil has skyrocketed, solidifying its status as the "new kid on the block". This trend shows no signs of fading, as beyond its ability to masterfully tame flyaways and enhance shine, the oil's abundant fatty acids provide nourishment to both the scalp and hair strands, making it a must-have in a range of formulations.

Best newcomer – Ahiflower

O&3’s top new product this year is Ahiflower Oil, native to the UK, known for its rich omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, and is a sustainable alternative to fish oil, providing essential nutrients without depleting marine resources. Its cultivation requires minimal water and pesticides, contributing to environmental sustainability.

The heartbeat of O&3: 73 members of the oil family speak 5 languages across 3 locations

A 73-strong crew – spread across the UK, Poland and the USA – is at the core of O&3’s success. Filled with unique, passionate individuals who bring enthusiasm to their exciting journey. The oil family’s collaborations know no bounds and they work worldwide, always striving for excellence in both product and service.

Looking back at 2023 shows that O&3 is more than just a business; it’s a movement. The engagement with clients, the passion infused into every aspect of work – it's all different. And it's this difference that sets them apart. That’s why people place their faith in O&3 and the oil family, trusting them to provide the best in the world of natural oils.

So, as O&3 wrap up an extraordinary year, they are not only looking back; they are striding confidently into the new year, ready to embrace an even brighter 2024.

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