Northstar Lipids to showcase Lunaria Annua Seed oil at In-Cosmetics

Published: 5-Mar-2024

The natural oils specialist has a full integrated supply chain and a special emphasis on providing a fully traceable supply of added value, sustainable and environmentally friendly 100% natural seed oils produced from UK grown and processed crops. Visit Northstar on stand 1Y61

Visit Northstar Lipids on stand 1Y61 where the company will be showcasing its British Botanical oils, a range of UK grown and processed, sustainable, low carbon, 'Bee Friendly' natural plant oils, including its exclusive product: Lunaria (Honesty) Oil.

Lunaria Annua has been a recognised ornamental plant across the globe for many years. In the UK it is more commonly known as ‘honesty’ and its attractive violet coloured flowers have added vivid colour to garden borders across the country for centuries Lunaria literally translates to mean’ moon-shaped’ and is related to the shape of the seed pods. Over the growing season, as the plant matures and dries, the pods change colour from green to silver and begin to resemble silver coins. This has led to the plant also being called the ‘Chinese money plant’ or ‘Silver dollar plant’.

Independent skin studies commissioned by Northstar have so far concluded that Lunaria oil (aka Honesty oil):

  • Has a rich and luxurious skin feel. If provides enhanced slip whilst being readily absorbed
  • Is an effective natural moisturiser, improving skin hydration and barrier function
  • Improves skin firmness and elasticity
  • Improves the appearance of facial fine lines and wrinkles and can be considered for use in anti-ageing formulations
  • Was well tolerated during the study and received favourable consumer feedback, with no adverse effects when applied to the skin. This means its suitable for sensitive skin and infant skin care
  • Is ‘super-’stable’. Accelerated oxidation studies show that its natural oxidative stability is far superior to most oils currently in use in the skin care market

Visit Northstar Lipids at in-cosmetics on stand 1Y61.

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