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Published: 23-May-2019

Chia has a long history of production in South America as a food crop, with references to its cultivation dating back to the Aztecs.

The seeds have been used for centuries in bread making as a simple food source as they are a useful source of essential nutrients including vitamins A, B (1,2,3) as well as being rich in an oil that is full of Essential Fatty Acids- Chia is one of the current popular ‘super-foods’.

Historically Chia has been sourced from South America incurring a large carbon footprint. Due to increased demand from the health and beauty market, our UK farmers are now growing it on our doorstep and we are therefore delighted to be able to offer locally sourced, sustainably produced Chia oil.

By Growing Chia in the UK, we gain several advantages:

  • Faster supply and shorter supply chain – ‘Soil to Oil’ in less than 200 miles – lowest Carbon Footprint, more eco-friendly
  • Fresher/higher quality oil, seed is pressed soon after harvest leading to enhanced shelf life and overall oil quality
  • Highest Quality Control-Crop is grown to the highest UK/EU food standards, oil produced in ISO/GMP facility ensuring its suitability for both food and cosmetic use, reducing risk of product rejection
  • Supply chain fully traceable, quick and easier to audit for our customers- we invite customers to visit the farm over the key growing period.

Oil Production Method

Chia seeds contain around 30% oil, making it relatively easy to extract. The oil is produced by means of expeller pressing at low temperatures and is therefore cold pressed. We also offer a lightly deodorised oil enriched with Natural Vitamin E.

Having a short supply chain also ensures that Northstar can supply oil which of a superior quality and freshness quality and freshness, with higher oxidative stability. This means that Northstar Chia oil has a superior shelf life.

Oil composition

Northstar Cold pressed Chia oil is golden yellow in colour and has a characteristic odour. The lightly deodorised oil is light yellow with very little odour and is more suited to skin care.

Northstar Chia oil is one of the richest natural sources of the Essential Fatty Acid, Alpha Linolenic Acid (ALA). ALA is an Omega 3 fatty acid which plays an important role in the regulation cardiovascular and tissue health.

This makes Chia oil a very healthy ingredient. When applied topically, oils rich in Omega 3 have been shown to enrich, protect and moisturise the skin whilst being readily absorbed.

Northstar Chia seed oil has a very light skin feel and is rapidly absorbed. It hydrates, softens and protects without leaving the skin feeling greasy. Northstar Chia oil is particularly useful in face and body oils, beard oils and in rehydrating moisturising creams and body lotions.

Products Available: We have the following products available from the Northstar Chia family

  • Chia oil Cold Pressed
  • Chia oil deodorised + natural Vitamin E
  • Chia Seed extract – a de-fattted, powdered chia seed, great for use in exfoliants and face packs
  • Chia butters - a range of chia based butters using chia oil and other UK derived vegetable fats and beeswax.

Please contact us for more information, specs prices and samples.

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