Work from home culture transforms beauty

By Becky Bargh | Published: 28-Apr-2022

The work from home culture is dramatically influencing consumers' spending habits and convenience is reigning supreme

New data has shown how the work from home (WFH) culture has shifted consumers’ attitudes towards beauty.

Data group Kantar found a striking decrease in the use of cosmetics in every market.

Weekly usage of beauty skus has slumped 28% compared with pre-pandemic levels, marking a 31% slump on five years ago.

People are also opting for simpler beauty routines, resulting in a use of higher quality products.

As a result, the premium category is flying high, as well as demand for ‘natural’ beauty with sales up 6% from 2017 to 2021.

“Our study underlines an opportunity for beauty brands to understand the lifestyle changes triggered by the pandemic, and therefore the evolution in need in consumers’ lives,” said Kantar’s Global Beauty Director, Ashley Kang.

“Though consumers are seeking simpler routines and a ‘natural’ look, this does not mean they will suddenly move away from the category.

“Consumers will binge on various products that respond to their changing demands.”

The findings also identified colour as the sector that has struggled the most due to the pandemic, with fewer occasions still blighting the market.

“Make-up will continue to be challenged for some time,” added Kang.

Face and lip occasions have decreased year-on-year, resulting in a drastic dip in usage.

Eye make-up, meanwhile, has remained the strongest sub-group of the category, likely due to the use of mask wearing.

“Convenience is now key, long-lasting products will enjoy success,” continued Kang.

“In the economically challenging times, it’s not that consumers won’t spend, but rather that they will spend more wisely, making the most out of their spending power, whether that be to make their life simpler, to address their values or to binge on their aspirations.”

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