Why 'consumer paralysis' is threatening the future of e-commerce beauty brands

By Lucy Tandon Copp 17-Oct-2019

As more beauty brands head online to make sales, consumers are increasingly overwelmed with the choices available to them, leading to shopper paralysis and basket abandonment

The top 20 cosmetics brands only capture 14% of all online sales. It's a stark figure when you consider the amount of investment so many companies have made in selling their products online over the past decade.

While indie brands might be more agile in the e-commerce space, there are still plenty of pitfalls when it comes to online retail.

Overwhelmed by the amount of choice available to them, and unsure whether they are missing out on a better deal elsewhere, consumers are often pushed to abandon their online baskets.

Here Sarah Assous, SVP marketing of AI digital sales assistant platform Zoovu, talks to Cosmetics Business about the issues affecting online sales and how beauty brands need to consider the benefits of bringing the human touch online.

For health and beauty brands around the world, the last few years have been turbulent to say the least, with tectonic shifts in consumer behavior and purchase decision making.

This, combined with the wave of subscription services, customised cosmetics and the rise of influencer marketing and social selling has shaken the industry to its core.

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One of the major challenges to traditional retailers ...

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