What is the true meaning of 'clean' beauty?


‘Clean’ beauty is a widely used and increasingly polarising term. But what exactly does it mean and can we expect the principles of ‘clean’ to become the standard in future? Lucy Cornford sheds some light on the issue

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Cosmetics Business asks: What exactly does the term 'clean' beauty mean and can its principles be standardised in the future?

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What is the true meaning of 'clean' beauty?

‘Clean’ beauty is a broad church that welcomes the best of science and nature, efficacy and ethicality. Leaning on its connotations of ‘purity’, the concept was born from a growing desire for cosmetics that are universally responsible – not only safe and reassuring for consumers, but also better for the planet.

Arising from the natural movement, whose spectrum spans from 100% natural and/or organic content to a carefully managed selection of the latest trending botanical actives, clean beauty aims higher.

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