What is photoageing and what can we do to prevent it?

Published: 24-Mar-2021

Even with a move towards ‘pro-ageing’ the health risks surrounding photoageing mean it is still very much something the beauty industry wants to tackle, says Eileen Zhang

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What is photoageing and what can we do to prevent it?

While wellness-oriented personal care claims mean brands are moving away from traditional ‘anti-ageing’ messages, there is one area that remains important to tackle: photoageing, the word for sunlight’s damaging impact on skin, which comes with health connotations as well as a visible ageing effect.

Here, Eileen Zhang, Senior Product Manager – Sun Care Solutions and Functional Naturals at Hallstar Beauty, discusses the processes behind photoageing and presents a solution to address the negative ageing impact of sun exposure.

The increased focus in beauty and personal care marketing on wellness-oriented, ‘ageless’ beauty claims rather than traditional ‘anti-ageing’ messages is a welcome trend. It celebrates consumers’ overall health and encourages long-term, preventative regimens. Still, cosmetic chemists as well as their marketing teams would likely both declare themselves ‘anti-photoageing’.

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