Vytrus Biotech presents hair growth product Vytrus Hair


Vytrus Biotech, company specialised in plant stem cells, is preparing to launch Vytrus Hair (www.vytrushair.com), a lotion that stops hair loss and makes hair grow again, made from an active winner of the international Beauty Industry Award to Best Hair Care Ingredient 2017. This product will be on sale, exclusively, and only for a month, on the Indiegogo website, as a Crowdfunding campaign.

Vytrus Hair is a highly efficient anti-hair loss product (up to 89% hair loss reduction, up to 52% hair density increase, and an average of 13.500 new hairs). The Crowdfunding campaign is an opportunity to offer a product that works to people, to present the company to a wider audience, and to get the opinion of the consumer: at the end of the campaign there will be polls sent to all the backers, with questions related to the product. This will allow the company to improve and will represent a complete market study. Backers will also be asked (voluntarily) to send pictures or videos of them before and after the treatment.

At the moment Vytrus Hair is in pre-campaign phase, with all the information available on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/VytrusHair/) and Twitter (https://twitter.com/VytrusHair), as well as on the website www.vytrushair.com, in English and Spanish. On the same site, the visitors can watch the campaign video and are invited to leave their e-mail address if they want to be alerted when the campaign starts, during June. The rewards, include, among others, a limited early bird price for the 3 and the 6 month treatment, of 99€ and 149€ respectively. The product will be sent to backers at the beginning of fall, one of the best seasons to start a hair growth treatment, due to the seasonal nature of hair.

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The main ingredient of Vytrus Hair is the active Capilia Longa, worldwide winner of best hair care ingredient of 2017, by the magazine Cosmetics Design. This active is made from Turmeric plant stem cells, it is highly sustainable and it costs around 10 times less than a drug of similar applications such as Minoxidil. Moreover, since its application is external, and it is not a drug, it doesn't have all the secondary effects that similar products have.

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