Verescence bottles Valentino’s Voce Viva


The design reflects Maison Valentino’s iconic ‘rockstud’ detailing

Glass manufacturer Verescence has helped create the 30ml and 100ml bottles for the latest fragrance from L’Oréal’s Valentino Beauty brand: Voce Viva.

The Voce Viva bottle is said to fit into the codes of the Italian fashion house; its silhouette, featuring notches on the side, was developed to reflect the ‘rockstud’, a recurring feature of Maison Valentino’s accessories.

“The Voce Viva bottle required all the glass-making expertise of our French glass manufacturing site in Mers-les-Bains,” said Samuel Joachim, Verescence’s Director of Innovation.

“The bottle combines flat shoulders and a homogeneous distribution of glass with two inverted studs pointing towards the inside of the bottle on more than 10mm.”

The design is said to confer a strong and modern character to the bottle, which was fire finished to accentuate its brightness.

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