Vantage increasing production capacity for mild surfactants and intermediates

Published: 18-Oct-2021

With demand accelerating for natural personal care solutions, Vantage Specialty Chemicals has announced that it will further increase production capacity for mild, sulfate-free surfactants and intermediates at its Leuna, Germany, production facility

Alexander Snell, Senior Vice President of Europe, Middle East & Africa for Vantage, said the company’s production plans will meet rising customer demand for mild and sustainable ingredients.

“This production increase, which is in addition to a capacity expansion that we completed in October 2020, will enable Vantage to continue to reliably fulfill increasing demand for taurates, particularly at a time when many critical ingredient supplies are difficult to obtain and consumer interests are changing,” said Snell.

Vantage offers a strong value proposition for customers looking for sulfate-free surfactant systems, with leading technical expertise and formulation know-how for taurate surfactants across its 12 global application labs.

“Vantage is uniquely positioned to deliver the differentiated ingredients that consumers are looking for in their personal care products,” said Vantage CEO Steve Doktycz, “Our commitment to additional production investment will benefit our customers as they seek to meet the evolving needs of consumers. We are excited to lead this growing market and to continue to innovate and invest in natural ingredients and solutions.”

Metaupon surfactants are high-performance foam enhancers that create a rich, dense foam for mild rinse-off formulations. As part of this range, Vantage provides the precursor N-Methyl Taurin, Sodium Methyl Cocoyl Taurate and Sodium Methyl Oleoyl Taurate.

Taurate surfactants are effective, sulfate-free alternatives favoured by formulators in applications targeting sensitive skin and scalp irritation because they’re extremely mild.

Metaupon surfactants also provide great skin feel and improve the overall sensorial experience in shampoos and body washes.

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