Vantage increasing production capacity for glycereth-26 humectant

Published: 22-Oct-2021

The new production line engineered in the Germany facility will allow Vantage to better serve its European customers with shortened lead times

Vantage has completed its investment at its Leuna, Germany, plant to produce its Liponic EG-1 (Glycereth-26) humectant. The new production capacity will allow Vantage to better support the growing worldwide demand for palm-free, naturally derived humectants.

Vantage already produces its industry-leading Liponic EG-1 at its US plant in Gurnee, Illinois. The glycerin-based humectant is a staple ingredient in many highly conditioning skin care formulations.

The new production line engineered in the Leuna facility will allow Vantage to better serve its European customers with shortened lead times, increased local availability and improved service levels.

The extension will also benefit customers worldwide by securing the supply chain for Liponic EG-1. The Liponic EG-1 material manufactured at Leuna will be marketed as Liponic EG-1 VLG for enhanced traceability of its origin.

This investment also supports the effort of Vantage to reduce its global carbon footprint. The close proximity between the manufacturing site and European customers will contribute to reducing the overall environmental impact of Liponic EG-1.

Alexander Snell, Senior Vice President of Europe, Middle East & Africa for Vantage, said that investing in the Leuna facility to increase its capacity and capabilities is part of the company’s initiative to expand the footprint of Vantage in the region.

“Liponic EG-1 is an excellent addition to our continuously growing nonionic surfactant portfolio in Leuna. In combination with our recent expansion in anionic surfactants, this creates further value for our customers in the Personal and Home Care industries,” says Snell.

Liponic EG-1 (INCI: Glycereth-26) is a multifunctional ingredient that can be used as a humectant, solubiliser, co-emulsifier and skin conditioning agent. It can also be utilised as a butylene glycol replacement. Liponic EG-1 provides the moisturising benefits of glycerin without the tackiness typically associated with this ingredient.

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