UK aerosol filling industry stays stable


Filling figures for personal care dip but the number of antiperspirant units filled grows 5.8%

UK aerosol filling figures remained robust in 2013, according to figures released by the British Aerosol Manufacturers' Association (BAMA). Following two years of strong year on year increases, the sector stabilised with overall growth of just 0.1%. In 2013, 1,466.5 million cans were filled in total within the UK compared with 1,464.7 million units the previous year.

The trend towards use of aluminium has continued, says BAMA, with now a virtual 50:50 split between aluminium and tin-plate. In 2012, 740 million cans used tinplate and 707 million used aluminium; the latest (2013) data indicates that 729 million cans were tinplate with aluminium following closely at 727 million, a significant closing of the gap between the two materials.

While overall, UK aerosol filling figures for personal care reduced very slightly by just under 1%, BAMA's data shows a rise in antiperspirants of 5.8% with 416.2 million aerosols and a modest increase of just under 3% for shaving soaps, lathers and shaving creams.

The other significant area of personal care sector growth was suntan and bronzing products with 7.3% growth bringing fillings in this category to 2.2 million. Whilst a relatively small sector, suntan and bronzing is an emerging category which was first recognised by BAMA in 2007 when the figure stood at just 0.9 million. The category broke the 2 million unit barrier in 2012, having stood at 1.7 million in 2010 and 2011.

Deodorants and body sprays fell by -8.4% to just under 289 million cans. Hair products also declined slightly, by -1.7% with 89.2 million aerosols filled possibly reflecting a plateauing of dry shampoo filling, said BAMA.

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Dr John Morris, Chief Executive of BAMA, said: "It is gratifying that for the third successive year the UK aerosol sector remains in excellent shape... Globally, the UK fills about one in ten of the world's aerosols rising to one in five of all aerosols destined for the personal care sector... The UK is the third largest filler in the world after the US and China.”