Transparency & organisation: The benefits of CE.way’s e-shop for cosmetics tests

Published: 30-Mar-2022

Cosmetic Testing Lab, launched in 2020, makes the testing process as easy as possible

Cosmetic Testing Lab is an online shop for ordering cosmetic product tests – a first of its kind on the market.

Transparency & organisation: The benefits of CE.way’s e-shop for cosmetics tests

Launched by CW.way in 2020, the service aims to overhaul the traditional process of B2B communication, which is extremely time-consuming both for the client and the supplier.

Cosmetic Testing Lab enables a completely automated purchasing process, operating as a standard online shop with a list and description of the services offered along with pricing.

The current scope of services covers:

  • Stability and compatibility test;
  • Challenge test;
  • Microbiological specifications test;
  • Patch test;
  • Heavy metals test;
  • CPSR (the only service that isn’t actually a test).

For most of the testing services you can choose between various versions. For example, for the stability and compatibility test you can choose between an accelerated test and a real time stability test, as well as which parameters you want to include in the stability test.

For the challenge test (preservative efficacy test), meanwhile, you can choose between the following testing protocols: USP51, Japanese Pharmacopoeia, European Pharmacopoeia, ISO 11930:2019.

Once you choose the test that you need, you’re asked to fill in your product name and, in case of ordering the stability and compatibility test, its packaging volume.

Based on this, the number of samples required to conduct the test is calculated.

An important feature, which makes the whole process even easier (and cheaper), is that Cosmetic Testing Lab orders and pays for a pickup of your samples at your address.

Therefore, when putting in the billing details and a pickup location, the user also has the option of choosing when they want the samples to be picked up.

The final step is to pay for the tests ordered via a credit card and prepare the product samples so that the courier can pick them up.

Samples are then sent to the testing laboratory, and once they arrive, Cosmetic Testing Lab notifies the customer via email when the tests will begin and when each test will be finished.

A major benefit is that there is no more guessing when the testing will be finished. As soon as samples arrive at the laboratory, you’re notified via email about when you can expect the results.

The CPSR process

CPSR has a slightly different process, since it’s not a test and therefore no product samples are required.

To order a CPSR you need to provide certain information about your company, as well as some info and tests about your product, such as the usage details, its packaging, label, formula, stability test, challenge test (if relevant), the physical, chemical and microbiological specifications of the product, etc.

Once those are provided, the safety assessor at Cosmetic Testing Lab reviews the documentation, and unless some further clarifications or documents are required, you can expect to receive the CPSR for your product in a few days.

Cosmetic Testing Lab can be used by cosmetics manufacturers from all over the world, not just by those in Europe.

It is especially useful for SMEs that don’t have the time to go through the whole process of searching for the testing laboratory, pricing negotiation and having to organise shipments of the samples to the chosen laboratory.

If the user is unsure which testing they need, there are detailed descriptions of the tests offered on the Cosmetic Testing Lab website, with the option of emailing Cosmetic Testing Lab or using the chatbot, which, based on a series of questions about your products, advises which testing services you would need.

Cosmetic Testing Lab is a part of the CE.way Regulatory Consultants group, a company that has already been offering regulatory consulting and testing services for cosmetics for more than ten years, and tests are carried out in an ISO 9001 certified facility in Europe.

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