Takasago opens new encapsulation technology centre

Published: 9-Dec-2014

Flavour and fragrance company Takasago has opened a new Encapsulation Technology Center (ETC) in Rockleigh, New Jersey.

The centre will manufacture small scale sample flavour and fragrance batches for Takasago's clients. Brian Buck, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Takasago Americas said the company's formulation and process development of spray dry products had been elevated to new heights as a result of the centre.

Dr Charles Steward described how fragrance encapsulation and release samples are developed, tested, evaluated and produced at the new facility. He said: “We have the ability to design new technologies for Spray Dry/Spray Chill and Fluid Bed bottom spray coating and/or granulation processing. We can conduct spray drying formulation studies and provide test samples for our clients with our proven spray dryer systems. In fact, of the two new Spray Dry Encapsulators that are located in the Encapsulation Technology Center, one is exclusively dedicated to flavours, the other to fragrances, ensuring us that there is no cross contamination.”

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