Sytheon obtains a new US patent for treating dermatological diseases

Published: 21-Jul-2020

US Patent: 10,597,402
Assignee: Sytheon
Title: Compositions and methods for restoring epidermal integrity and function and treating dermatological diseases
Planned Commercial Product: Atopic Dermatitis

According to the present teaching there are provided novel esters of isosorbide that are found to improve and/or address defects or imbalances in keratinocyte differentiation, improve and/or repair skin barrier building and defense of its function and integrity as well as improve overall stratum corneum development, structure and architecture.

Specifically, it has now been found that certain esters of isosorbide are capable of modifying, recalibrating and/or regulating the expression of genes, genetic networks, and cellular pathways in mammalian skin for improving and/or repairing the epidermis and its function as well as in addressing, combating, mitigating and/or preventing the manifestation of disease conditions associated with certain diseases and defects or imbalances in the skin.

Securing this patent, Sytheon is now committed to enter, through its sister company Symbionyx Phamaceuticals Inc., to the dermatological market for treating diseases caused by autoimmune imbalances.

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