Stephenson launches extruded solid conditioner base for the personal care market

Published: 20-Apr-2023

The newest addition to Stephenson’s growing solid format Syndopal range, Syndopal SHC 600-MB represents a true industry innovation. An ultra-mild extruded syndet conditioner base, Syndopal SHC 600-MB allows brands and manufacturers to elevate their hair care offerings

Leading manufacturer of solid format bases and natural ingredients, Stephenson, is continuing the pioneering success of its solid format shampoo and body bars with another groundbreaking innovation with the launch of Syndopal Solid Hair Conditioner (SHC) 600-MB, the only extruded solid conditioning base available on the personal care market

The personal care’s industry’s first-ever extruded solid conditioning base was unveiled at In Cosmetics Global exhibition in Barcelona. 

The past few years have seen consumers becoming noticeably more conscious about their impact on the environment leading to a significant shift in behaviour to cut waste, slow global warming and prevent further damage to the planet. To reduce their carbon footprint, personal care brands are increasingly turning to concentrated and waterless products to help environmental impact.

Syndopal SHC 600-MB has been created specifically for manufacturing ultra-mild luxurious solid conditioning bars. The product is silicone free, cationic allowing for smooth conditioning and Certified Sustainable RSPO-MB.

For personal care brands and manufacturers, formulating with Syndopal has numerous advantages. These include the ability to manufacture at commercial scale and speed, create a wide range of syndet bars suitable for numerous applications, produce bars with a 95%+ natural percentage, bars last up to two and a half times as long as a liquid equivalents in a plastic bottle and, develop fully homogeneous, smooth bars by allowing for commercial stamping.

All Syndopal products produce a high foaming, dense and creamy lather delivering a quality experience to the consumer, are paediatrician approved, dermatologically tested to ensure suitability for sensitive skin and scalps and offer mass balance to produce RSPO MB certified bars.

A decade ago, Stephenson became the first manufacturer to launch a melt and pour soap base made using 100% RSPO certified sustainable palm and palm kernel oils. Named CRYSTAL SP- SG, this pioneering melt and pour soap sat alongside Stephenson’s other RSPO product bases. Three years ago, further innovation followed as it added the first solid shampoo conditioning bar to its melt and pour range, as an easy to use melt and pour product.

Commented Tim Pulleyn, marketing manager at Stephenson: “The development of our solid format range has been driven by the success of the original Syndopal syndet combined with market demand for solid formats, which continues to grow year on year. We are particularly excited to see the impact that the only extruded solid conditioning base currently available can have on the market.

“With the expansion of Stephenson’s evolutionary Syndopal range and the addition of SHC 600-MB, manufacturers and brands can now personalise and create bars with better performance and sustainability and ethical claims including sustainable sourcing, processing, packaging and transporting, to support ongoing consumer demand.

In recent years, the personal care sector has seen numerous brand launches of solid format products from solid shampoos, conditioners, full body bars, deodorant sticks and more. Eco-conscious consumers are a driving force in the personal care industry, and moisturising beauty bars are no exception. Expectations and stakes are high for brands interested in sustainable and environmentally-friendly skin care, hair care and grooming bars without compromising performance.

Stephenson’s personal care products, which are exported worldwide, are used in creating a wide range of finished soap bars and products by simply adding fragrances, colours, and other additives.

Added Tim Pulleyn: “The global personal care market has changed enormously with demand for sensitive skin products, the resurgence in bar soaps and solid shampoos plus growing pressures to reduce packaging and waste. All of which are changing the landscape for brands and manufacturers, forcing them to adapt. Syndopal products generate wider scope for manufacturers who previously would not have been able to make syndet bars across cosmetic, pharmacy and mass market applications.”

Find out more about Stephenson’s Syndopal range here.

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