Sozio has received the gold rating of the ECOVADIS certification


The gold medal was awarded for its CSR commitment

Thanks to its daily commitment and its efforts in terms of Social Responsibility, Sozio has been awarded with the gold medal of the Ecovadis certification and joins the top 5% of rated companies.

=This certification rewards the CSR standard implemented by Sozio several years ago.

Concerned about its social and environmental impact, Sozio has developed a clean fragrance label in order to create safer scents for humans and for the environment with a commitment towards transparency in its formulation.

With the launch of its natural raw material division, botanicals, Sozio pledges for a better and more responsible sourcing, ensuring traceability and premium quality.

Being more sustainable and guaranteeing the ethical sourcing of its natural raw materials are some of the main goals Sozio has set in its CSR strategy.

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