Solarepare MB and Redumatte ACE-II have been approved with COSMOS Standards

Published: 12-Aug-2022

Solarepare MB and Redumatte ACE-II manufactured by JAKA meet high standards, which are guaranteed to be natural active ingredients and designed to provide safe and natural skin care solutions for sun protection and anti-redness


Solarepare MB is a natural and new type of active ingredient for UVB damage repair and defense. It is extracted from Magnolia biondii flower which is rich in lignans. By targeting “damage-associated molecular patterns” (DAMPs), it can reduce sunburned cells, inhibit the migration of HMGB1 from the nucleus and relieve vascular activation caused by UVB. Clinical trials also proved its functions in repairing skin and relieving erythema after sun exposure.


Redumatte ACE-II is a natural active ingredient extracted from fruits of Aesculus chinenesis and its active component is Aescin, which can improve skin microcirculation, resist inflammation and relieve edema. It’s also well-known as “the best plant-based ingredient for anti-redness” and clinical tests confirm that it can remove redness and fade eye bags. Redumatte ACE-II can improve facial redness caused by angiotelectasis (vessel expansion), decrease capillary permeability, relieves facial edema effectively, and remove eye bags caused by multiple inducements.

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