Solabia Group - new launches April 2022

Published: 28-Mar-2022

Solabia Group's research has focused on the radiance theme and its science by launching new products (actives and extracts) to get a perfect skin and restore its natural beauty

Over time, the skin has to deal with many phenomena such as season changes, pollution, UV rays, but not only, lifestyle and health have a strong influence on the skin barrier too. The physiological parameters of the skin are in constant evolution and the complexion is one of the visible factors that change in a more or less marked way from one person to another.

However, we note that the radiance of the skin is determining, it affects the perception of ourselves and our image but not only, a glossy skin means health and joy of living!

That’s why the Solabia Group’s research has focused on the radiance theme and its science by launching new products (active ingredients and extracts) to get a perfect skin and restore its natural beauty

Solabia Group - new launches April 2022

SEALIGHT® [Eye & Skin Radiance] NEW LAUNCH

Derived from Solabia's marine expertise, SeaLight® is an active ingredient rich in sulfated arabinogalactans contained exclusively in the Codium fragile seaweed. Harvested responsibly on the Portuguese coast, this algae is certified organic. Thanks to its unique polysaccharides, SeaLight® enhances the skin's radiance through a targeted action on the eye contour. On one hand, it reactivates the microcirculation to ensure the optimal nutrition of the cells, the skin is energized and detoxified for a harmonious and luminous complexion. The skin's elasticity is also improved for an overall anti-aging action.

Moreover, thanks to its unique properties, clinically proven in women and men, SeaLight® targets the 3 major concerns of the eye contour area: dark circles, puffiness, and crow's feet wrinkles. Indeed, its comprehensive activities on the eye contour area revitalize the skin in depth. The eyes are illuminated, rested, as if rejuvenated. Between Nature & Technology

Solabia Group - new launches April 2022

NEOGLOW® [epidermal renewal booster] - NEW LAUNCH

NeoGlow® is a vegetable active ingredient derived from a superfood: Kale. It is in the heart of Brittany (France), within an organic cooperative committed to the environment, that this cabbage detox by excellence is cultivated. Its properties are provided by the sulfur known for its keratolytic virtues. NeoGlow® offers a gentle and respectful organic exfoliation for dry and sensitive skin. For that, it stimulates the natural enzymes of desquamation while limiting inflammation. It delicately refines the corneal layer by eliminating the dead cells which tarnish skin tone. The skin is smoother, silkier and the complexion visibly fresher and more radiant. This exfoliating effect combined with the richness of isothiocyanates boosts the cellular metabolism necessary for the detoxification of the skin and the renewal of the epidermis, which guarantees its homeostasis. NeoGlow® thus brings a global regenerating effect to the epidermis for an effective barrier function. Radiant, the skin is flexible and hydrated.

FUCOGEL® [S.M.A.R.T. Reference] - NEW DATA

Recognized as the universal and multifunctional reference in cosmetics, Fucogel® is an active ingredient with essential active and sensory properties. New studies have demonstrated its role in the protection against pathogens such as viruses by boosting immunomonitoring. Moreover, it is recognized to increase the skin's well-being tenfold thanks to its wide-ranging effectiveness: immediate soothing, moisturizing, anti-aging, restructuring, and touching agent. Obtained through a controlled bacterial fermentation process, this high molecular weight anionic polysaccharide derives its biological efficacy from its affinity for cutaneous fucose receptors and its unique ability to modulate neuronal sensitivity via the ASICs receptor pathway. Available in powder form, Halal certified, it is easy to formulate and suitable for all types of formulas and applications. Fucogel® meets the needs of both skin and hair and is an indispensable active ingredient!

Solabia Group - new launches April 2022

Plant Extracts - NEW LAUNCH

With its expertise in plant extraction, the Solabia group will offer 3 new plants this year to boost the skin's radiance:

  • THE PAPAYA: The ultimate glow cocktail, papaya is known for its high concentration of papain. This enzyme acts as a biological scrub, without grain, promoting cell renewal for a healthy glow and a luminous complexion. The papaya selected by the Solabia group is certified organic and comes from responsible sourcing. We offer a Glycerolat®, an aqueous extract stabilized in vegetable glycerin in order to adapt to all galenics!
  • THE LILY: Symbol of royal beauty, the lily has been used since ancient Greece. Today, it is perfectly integrated into cosmetic products to illuminate, soften and magnify the skin. It is unified and smoothed for a radiant complexion. The Lily is offered in the form of Oleat® OSUN, a liposoluble extract obtained by extraction with organic sunflower oil from France.
  • THE JASMINE: Rare and precious material, the Jasmine is an emblematic flower as much for its desired perfume as for its multiple benefits. The white flower of jasmine has soothing, relaxing and purifying virtues for the skin and the spirit. Full of antioxidants, it slows down the skin aging. The Solabia Group has developed Jasmine Water, an aqueous extract obtained by hydrodistillation.
Solabia Group - new launches April 2022

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