Silab unveils additional efficacy data for anti-stress ingredient Adaptonyl

By Alessandro Carrara 9-May-2022

Adaptonyl is composed of oligosaccharides, obtained from the roots of ashwagandha

Silab has unveiled a more transversal approach to its protective active ingredient, Adaptonyl, with additional efficacy data in vitro and in vivo.

The French cosmetic ingredients manufacturer said that the active acts on all cutaneous exposome factors.

These are the various exposures an individual faces during their lifetime and can be environmental or lifestyle-related.

The active ingredient helps to refine skin grain and revive complexion radiance, and Silab said the volunteers found their skin smoother, more resistant and radiant.

This was demonstrated on a panel of volunteers selected for their particular exposure to the exposome.

Adaptonyl, launched in 2006, is a natural anti-stress active ingredient obtained from an Ayurvedic plant, ashwagandha.

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This small shrub is used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine, in particular for its adaptogenic properties of resistance to stress.

Formulated at 2%, Adaptonyl helps to reinforce the barrier function of the skin and improve cutaneous microrelief.

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