Sheridan&Co urges men to reclaim make-up with new concept brand

By Becky Bargh | Published: 24-Sep-2018

The retail design company has launched a new male cosmetics line, The Y Code, for the everyday man

Retail design firm Sheridan&Co has announced a new concept brand to normalise make-up for men.

The Y Code, named after the male chromosome, aims to offer accessible and inclusive cosmetics for all men, from regular wearers to first-timers.

The product line will feature tinted eye cream, concealer sticks, cleansing bars and beard oil.

“The market that The Y Code is targeting is an interesting one,” said Freddie Sheridan Director at Sheridan&Co.

“These men are youthful enough to not yet be set in their way, they are open to experimentation, have a decent disposable income, may already have a well-stocked cabinet of grooming goods and have perhaps dabbled with cosmetics in some way.”

Unlike women’s cosmetics brands, which focus on beautification, The Y Code markets the brand as a subtle enhancer and correction tool, which also runs through its design concepts using minimalistic monochrome packaging.

Sheridan believes the terminology surrounding beauty is a primary reason for turning men off using colour cosmetics.

He said: “Terms like ‘guyliner’ have a lot to answer for in terms of putting ordinary men off cosmetics trial and experimentation.

“It’s clear that functionality must sit at the forlorn of brand language and identity.”

He continued: “Brands must be authentic and transparent in their presentation, identity must be clear and unfussy in order to be impactful.

“Furthermore, brands must move beyond being just a product to being lifestyle driven, understanding the differences in purchasing drivers between men and women is key here.”

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