Sharon Laboratories to exhibit at in-cosmetics Asia, 2015


Sharon Laboratories is a global manufacturer of solutions for preserving personal care products through a wide variety of innovative and highly successful products suitable for skin care, hair care, oral care, baby care and more, meeting industry and consumer trends.

This year’s focus is answering the market shift towards multifunctional, “Preservative free” or mild preservative systems, free of Parabens, Formaldehyde donors, and Isothiazolinones.

Sharon Advanced Preservatives Line: A range of liquid form blends which are based on multifunctional ingredients, globally approved, heat stable, suitable for wide pH range and offer broad spectrum protection.

SharoMax Line: The Ultimate “Free Of”. This new line of blends is 100% Phenoxyethanol-free. This patented line is a range of liquid form blends which are mild, globally approved, and offer broad spectrum protection.

Sharon Biomix Line: Based on Biosecur organic citrus extract, offering 100% natural options, Preservative Free options and more.

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