Revieve launches high accuracy live virtual try-on for eyebrows

Published: 9-Jul-2019

Revieve, the leading beauty-technology company based in Helsinki, Finland has announced the launch of a High-Accuracy Live Virtual Try-On for Eyebrow makeup.

The company’s new virtual try-on solution for eyebrows leverages Revieve’s patent pending technology to bring an unforeseen accuracy into a Virtual Try-On for eyebrow makeup combining colour as well as customizable eyebrow shapes.

“Traditional methods for Virtual Try-On’s for eyebrow makeup are limited in their quality due to the restrictions imposed by the standard 68 facial feature tracking on live video. Through our patent-pending technology, we’re bringing an unforeseen quality improvement into the eyebrow makeup Try-On enabling consumers to experience a true, realistic Try-On for eyebrows both in terms of colour as well as the shape of the eyebrow”, explains Revieve CEO Sampo Parkkinen.

The High-Accuracy Eyebrow Virtual Try-On leverages Revieve’s proprietary skin analysis technology, enabling a considerable accuracy improvement by tracking of facial features across 200+ measurement points across the consumers face in real-time as opposed to the traditionally used 68 point facial feature tracking solution deployed in many virtual try-on services.

The solution can be seamlessly integrated onto a retailer or brand’s website or in-store either as a standalone try-on solution for eyebrows or part of Revieve’s market-leading Digital Makeup Advisor personalization offering.

“Eyebrows are a significant product category in cosmetics that is increasing in importance for consumers globally. Through our High-Accuracy Eyebrow Virtual Try-On we’re the first to enable brands and retailers to provide a realistic try-on experience in this product category ” continues Parkkinen.

The High-Accuracy Eyebrow Virtual Try-On is available today globally both as a single brand and multi-brand solution.

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