Resist photoaging, Urbluray MS rejuvenates your skin

Published: 24-Aug-2021

Let Urbany MS fight blue light for you, isolate light damage, and rejuvenate your skin

As we all know, UVB and UVA are the two killers of skin, but we may not know another killer, the blue light.

The energy of blue light is higher than that of visible light, and the penetrating power is stronger than that of ultraviolet light. It can penetrate skin tissue and reach the dermis.

We can’t hide from blue light it is everywhere: street lights, mobile phones, computers, etc..

Blue light is extremely harmful, which can make cells produce oxidative stress and cytotoxicity, reduce the antioxidant capacity of fibroblasts, inhibit cell proliferation, weaken cell vitality, lead to cell apoptosis, early aging and sagging of young skin.

GREAF gets the inspiration for anti-blue light in the area closest to the sun, Tibet.

Under the severe environmental stress in Tibet, a plant called Medicago Sativa forms special biological transcription factors, synthesizes a large number of secondary metabolites flavonoids, carries out a series of antioxidant prevention, and protects cell DNA from damage.

Medicago Sativa can survive in high-altitude areas, bringing huge economic and ecological benefits to local Tibetans, so it is called "Magical Grass" by local people.

GREAF’s anti-blue light product Urbluray MS is extracted from Medicago Sativa from Tibet. Through the test, it is found that Urbluray MS has a very high absorption rate of 400-500nm visible light, which is several times higher than that of ordinary anti-blue light products.

After many tests, the results show that Urbluray MS has the most significant effect of absorbing blue light, and blue light can hardly reach the blue light test card through Urbluray MS.

In the clinical trial, the subject's arm is first illuminated with blue light for 7min, then the sample is applied, and absorbed for 5-10min.

After this, the subject is illuminated with blue light again, and the change rate between the Urbluray MS sample group and the model group is observed by taking a photo with VISIA.

It can be seen that when the concentration of Urbluray MS is 0.5%-5%, it can significantly reduce the damage of the skin by blue light exposure.

Resist photoaging, Urbluray MS rejuvenates your skin

In addition, Urbluray MS also obtained an invention patent certificate and won the Fountain Award at the PCHi Summit 2021.

If there is nowhere to avoid blue light, let Urbany MS fight blue light for you, isolate light damage, and rejuvenate your skin.

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