Research laboratory to guard the quality of cosmetic products and consumer safety

Published: 15-Dec-2016

Here is the title of the successful lecture performed by Iwona Sokolowska, head of the research laboratory of Dermscan Poland during the 7th Congress of the world of the Cosmetics industry

This topic, very appreciated by the audience, referred to the research carried out in Dermscan Poland and stressed how important for both producers and consumers is a complexity of research: starting with microbiology, through in vitro, up to in vivo tests.

Research laboratory to guard the quality of cosmetic products and consumer safety

The main benefits sought by customers:

  • safety and guarantee of high quality of the product: microbiologically clean, non-irritating, non-sensitising.

While producers are looking for:

  • simplicity of the tests’ offer (one-stop shop),
  • time and capital saving,
  • guarantee of compliance with European and world standards,
  • guarantee of the high quality product,
  • building consumer knowledge and awareness,
  • increasing confidence in the producer, credibility and prestige, the possibility of entering international markets.

These benefits are only possible when we combine:

  • microbiological tests: purity tests, identification of microbes, challenge test,
  • in vitro tests: determination of skin/eye irritation, corrosion, damage, sensitisation etc. on keratinocytes, fibroblasts cells as well as on 3D reconstructed human epidermis, epitheliums or full thickness ski, and
  • in vivo tests: safety and efficacy assessment on subjects with determined characteristics.

The Congress of the World of the Cosmetics Industry is an annual, international meeting of the beauty industry, organised by the Farmacom Publishing House - the publisher of the "World of the Cosmetics Industry" Quarterly.

This event is dedicated to manufacturers of cosmetics, suppliers of raw materials, machinery, laboratory equipment, packaging and solutions used in the cosmetics industry. Participating in the Congresses is not only about attending seminars conducted by the industry experts but also an opportunity to visit exhibition stands of the leading providers of solutions for the cosmetics industry, as well as to exchange experiences and opinions.

Since 2012, the Congress of the World of the Cosmetics Industry has been organised in conjunction with the Congress of the World of the Pharmaceutical Industry. This combination creates an excellent opportunity to integrate the cosmetics and the pharmaceutical industries, as well as enables providers to simultaneously reach both sectors.

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