Sensory Analysis: A Rapidly Developing Method

Published: 21-Jul-2017

Sensory Analysis is the best tool to assess the perceived quality of your products, both in terms of their efficacy and how they are appreciated by your future consumers.

Dermscan sensory tests enable you to highlight the perception, description and action of your products, based on senses perceived by humans: sight, smell, touch, hearing.

The assessments are performed by our expert panel or by your target of future users/consumers.

Sensory Analysis: A Rapidly Developing Method
Sensory Analysis: A Rapidly Developing Method

Dermscan proposes made-to-measure protocols, tailored to your particular needs:

Olfactory assessment

  • in vivo: sniff test (determination of deodorising action)/ characterisation of odours (hair / scalp)
  • in vitro: on all type of material / directly on your formulations

Assessment of skin radiance

  • in vivo: evaluation of colour / texture / overall appearance of radiance

Visual descriptive assessment – scores

  • In vivo or on photo: scoring by our experts of descriptors like signs of skin ageing / fatigue / shine / hold quality

Auditory assessment

  • On any type of product: acoustic tests

Subjective assessment – consumer test

  • On your target users: assessment / position with respect to the competition / purchasing intention of the product after use at home under real conditions.

Other sensory analysis:

discriminatory or descriptive tests or / ranking or hedonic tests, etc.

The responses obtained from our sensory analyses provide effective guidance for the development of better products. Aware of your product’s differences compared to the competition and capable of identifying what triggers an emotion, your R&D becomes even more efficient.

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