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Collagen peptides as active ingredient beyond topical application is being integrated across numerous new product launches for beauty from within

Widely known for their beauty and health benefits and driven by influencers, collagen peptides as active ingredient beyond topical application is being integrated across numerous new product launches for beauty from within.

In 2019 collagen is found in 1 of 5 nutricosmetics supplements in the EU and 1 in 3 in the US according to Innova Analysis.

According to a survey conducted by Ipsos, 82% of consumers would consider choosing dietary supplement from marine source.1 At the upcoming event hosted by Rousselot, we will be prelaunching a new collagen peptide product (under Peptan brand) sourced from 100% marine fish.

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Key takeaways you expect from this webinar?

  • Understanding the factors to keep in mind when choosing a collagen ingredient brand
  • Leveraging an ocean of innovation to create the winning beauty from within formulation
  • Designing a differentiation strategy that marries science and marketing to help you lead the beauty trend
  • Getting a glimpse into Rousselot’s new collagen product pre-launched, 100% sourced from marine fish.

Rousselot’s experts speaking at the webinar:

Janne Prawitt
Scientific Director Health & Nutrition


Dr. Janne Prawitt is a nutritional scientist by education and received her PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Hamburg (Germany) in 2006. She then moved to France to pursue fundamental, biomedical research at the Institut Pasteur de Lille in the field of nutrition-related diseases such as obesity and diabetes.

In 2013, Janne joined Rousselot R&D in Gent, Belgium, where she is globally responsible for the science portfolio that supports the products of the collagen range (Peptan, PeptanIIm). Her work focuses on extending the scientific evidence for collagen in musculoskeletal health and skin beauty and physiology, and to build scientific ground for the development of new health applications and new products for the global market.

Florencia Moreno
Market Analyst

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Florencia Moreno holds a MSc. Health Food Innovation Management from Maastricht University. She used to be an independent consultant in the food nutrition area and worked at Innova Market Insights as a Market Analyst and Insights & Innovation Manager. On April 1 2019, Florencia Moreno Torres joined Rousselot Health & Nutrition as Market analyst.

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