Rare bacteria present new skin care opportunities


The strain of bacteria known as the Deinococcus-group has the potential to introduce a new range of possibilities for the skin care market

Rare bacteria present new skin care opportunities

French biotech company Greentech has teamed up with cleantech specialist Deinove to commercialise skin care actives derived from a rare form of bacteria.

The companies hope to bring the first products to market by the end of 2018.

Montpellier-based Deinove is a biotech lab focused around a particular type of bacteria, the Deinococcus-group. This bacteria has the ability to multiply very rapidly and can also survive extreme environments.

“We’ve been working together for a long time on the extraordinary capacity of micro-organisms to develop adaptation and resistance mechanisms in extreme environments: heat, cold, salty, acid and radioactive,” said Yves Berthon, PDG at Greentech.

“The Deinove bacteria are unique and can bring a real added value to our portfolio of [skin care] ingredients.”

From an original list of 430 individual strains, Deinove has identified several dozen that offer properties that have possibilities for skin care formulations, including those with:

  • Anti-oxidant properties for use in anti-ageing creams, firming products and sun care products.
  • Anti-inflammatory properties for use on irritated or post-operative skin.
  • Scar-healing properties, for damaged skin or for use in anti-ageing products.
  • Fat-reducing properties for use in slimming and anti-cellulite creams.
  • ‘Plumping’ properties for use in moisturisers and products such as lip-plumpers.

The two companies will now work on more extensive tests and creating the actual formulations.

“These results are a solid foundation for the development of our activities, initially in cosmetics, skin care and hair care,” said Emmanuel Petiot, Director General at Deinove.

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“This co-development is a new way of making the most of our strain bank and our platform. Greentech has expertise in this field and in regulatory issues, and has a technical sales team that will be invaluable assets for the success of this project.”

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