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Puig debuts AILICE digital fragrance selection tool

By Becky Bargh | Published: 15-Sep-2020

The new technology allows customers to discover fragrance notes without picking them up or smelling them

Beauty owner Puig has introduced a new AI digital tool that allows customers to select fragrances without testing or smelling them.

Dubbed AILICE, inspired by Alice through the looking-glass, the technology invites customers to scan a QR code when they enter the store, scan a fragrance and AILICE will analyse the scent’s information.

To introduce the tool, Puig worked with Penhaligon’s to create its Magic Monocle.

Through the site, customers can access information about the fragrance’s olfactory family as well as prominent ingredients.

Puig debuts AILICE digital fragrance selection tool

Once a scent has been analysed the technology will offer recommendations of similar scents from the Penhaligon’s range.

Users can then add their favourite scents to a wishlist to purchase at a later date.

The device is currently being piloted in Penhaligon’s boutiques in the UK and Asia.

Digital adaptations

Puig debuts AILICE digital fragrance selection tool

By Becky Bargh
Senior News and Social Media Reporter

When the coronavirus pandemic gripped the attention of the world, beauty brands had to quickly adapt and form new strategies to reach their customers on lockdown.

Now, as stay at home orders relax globally, brands have turned their attention to finding new methods to navigate the ‘new normal’.

Companies are putting hygiene at the front of in-store strategies in order to help consumers feel safe and keep doors open.

Puig is one of many brands adopting in-store features to keep health-conscious consumers excited and engaged.

Amorepacific’s in-store AI mirror is another example of a brand broadening its horizons in pandemic, while Perfect Corp has been mitigating consumer concerns around Covid-19 with a series of in-store tech solutions.

The AI giant’s interactive touch-less try-on features are gesture controlled and use voice activation as in-store testers remain out of action.

To read more about how the beauty industry is adapting its technology to meet concerns of consumers, follow the link below.

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