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Public health warning issued over ‘unacceptable’ rat-infested Family Dollar warehouse

By Becky Bargh | Published: 22-Feb-2022

FDA found more than 1,000 dead rats at a distribution facility for the retail chain, and warned that cosmetics, feminime hygiene products and medicine could be contaminated

A shocking new video has revealed the extent of a rat-infested Family Dollar warehouse in the US, which has contaminated thousands of products.

The footage was taken by a former warehouse worker at the retail chain’s West Memphis distribution facility, and showed rats running up and down aisles, fighting on the warehouse floor and one caught in a trap.

In response to the video – taken in January – the US’ Food and Drug Administration (FDA) launched an investigation to review the extent of the problem.

Its inspection found more than 1,000 dead rodents, evidence of nesting and rodent odours throughout the facility.

Internal records also showed a history of infestation with more than 2,300 rodents recorded between 29 March and 17 September.

The FDA concluded its inspection on 11 February.

Now, a public health warning has been issued to consumers in Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri and Tennessee, stating that products sold from Family Dollar, including cosmetics, dietary supplements, medical devices and medications, could be contaminated.

More than 400 stores have been temporarily closed across the six states.

More than 1,000 dead rats were recovered from the facility

More than 1,000 dead rats were recovered from the facility

“Families rely on stores like Family Dollar for products such as food and medicine; they deserve products that are safe,” said Judith McMeekin, Associate Commissioner for Regulatory Affairs at the FDA.

“No one should be subjected to products stores in the kind of unacceptable conditions that we found in this Family dollar distribution facility.

“These conditions appear to be violations of federal law that could put families’ health at risk.

“We will continue to work to protect consumers.”

The alert covers all products purchased from Family Dollar stores in the six states from 1 January to now.

Consumers are advised not to use products bought from Family Dollar stores in the affected areas over the seven week period.

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