Psychodermatology and beauty’s take on ‘quiet luxury’ top Mintel's 2024 beauty trends

By Julia Wray | Published: 13-Oct-2023

NeuroGlow, Beaut-AI and Sophisticated Simplicity are the global beauty mega-trends that will shape the industry in coming months, according to the analyst firm

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Mind-body beauty, AI and sophisticated simplicity will be 2024’s key beauty trends, according to a new report from market analysis firm Mintel. 

To discover how these global trends are appearing now and are likely to evolve in the next 12 months, Cosmetics Business spoke with Mintel’s Director of Beauty & Personal Care, Andrew McDougall. 

Here are Mintel’s predictions:

1. NeuroGlow

The mind-body trend is becoming more personalised

The mind-body trend is becoming more personalised

This trend is all about mind-body beauty, and the interconnection of mental wellbeing and physical appearance – which is not necessarily a new topic, but one that is moving in interesting directions. 

“It is almost like a revival or a rebirth of things we spoke about four or five years ago around adaptogens and mood enhancing extracts – things like ashwagandha root or passionflower extract,” said McDougall.

As we head into 2024, however, the mind-body movement in beauty is evolving a greater element of personalisation, influenced by the rise of nutrigenomics (how certain nutritional elements can impact your body, specifically) and personal nutrition. 

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