Psoriasis anxiety stops consumers from visiting hairdressers, study finds

By Becky Bargh | Published: 8-Oct-2020

The Lions Barber Collective found two-thirds of people with the skin condition had deliberately avoided visiting the hairdressers

Anxiety around scalp psoriasis is blighting consumers’ lives and stopping more than half of sufferers going to the hairdresser, a new study has found.

The Lions Barber Collective, a collection of barbers who help raise awareness to prevent suicide, found two-thrids of people with the skin condition had deliberately postponed or avoided an appointment with their barber or hairdresser.

Meanwhile, 40% of people felt uncomfortable discussing their scalp psoriasis with their hairdresser.

But more than 50% of those surveyed agreed practical training to help people with the condition would be beneficial.

“Hair professionals are in a unique position to help clients, through the trust and bond we build with them,” said Lions Barber Collective founder Tom Chapman.

“We often have incredibly strong relationships where clients become friends and can share aspects of their lives with us.

“I would like this position of trust to be used to help those with scalp psoriasis feel at ease with their condition, particularly considering the impact it can have on mental health, as the research shows.”

In response, the group has teamed up with the Psoriasis Association to create the Heads Up initiative.

The project aims to raise awareness and empower people living with scalp psoriasis to open up about their condition, both in everyday life and with professionals.

Helen McAteer, CEO of the Psoriasis Association, added: “Scalp psoriasis can be a very visible form of living with psoriasis, which can cause people discomfort and sometimes leave people feeling too embarrassed or self-conscious to carry out everyday activities, like visiting the hairdresser.

“Healthcare professionals should be offering regular holistic reviews to people with psoriasis and look beyond the skin to understand the impact psoriasis has on people’s everyday lives.”

Consumers with the condition can receive support via

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