Proactiv Company rebrands as Alchemee as it moves beyond acne

By Julia Wray 1-Dec-2021

The owner of anti-blemish stalwart Proactiv is poised to launch two new brands

The owner of anti-blemish brand Proactiv has rebranded as Alchemee.

In addition to its new name, the business, formerly known as Proactiv Company, is expanding its focus beyond acne to include solutions to address discolouration, eczema, psoriasis and rosacea.

On its new website, the company says 'we create science-based solutions that provide better skin for life'.

The announcement follows the incubation of two new brands under Alchemee, called Restorative Elements and In Defense of Skin. Both brands are teased on as 'coming soon'.

Further to this, 2021 has seen the company, helmed by Shannon Pappas, employ a direct-to-consumer business model, with the aim of learning consumers' needs and wants.

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According to Alchemee, this informed a shift to a full omnichannel approach for its new skin health categories, which encompasses digital, social, retail and DTC channels.