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Digital media is transforming the way brands communicate with customers. Augmented reality technologies that offer consumers digital tryvertising experiences and QR codes enabling instant access to further information are being applied to beauty adverts, POS and packaging.

Digital media such as augmented reality and QR codes are transforming packaging design and the way brands interact with their customers, as Steve Osborne reports

Digital technology now dominates our access to information and commercial messages. At the same time it allows us to share our experiences in real time.

Mobile, search and touch screen technologies, social media and the internet are also transforming the way we create and maintain our relationships with brands. For example, augmented reality (AR) technologies such Aurasma and Layar allow marketing communications to deliver a more interactive and sensory experience, and when used intelligently can help deepen the engagement between brands and the consumer.

Still very early in its adoption, one of the most popular uses of AR is to deliver a ‘what if’ experience, giving prospective buyers a sense of what it would be like to experience the brand before they commit to a purchase. This digital ‘tryvertising’ creates rapid engagement with the consumer and can also create a sense of ‘must have’ around the product.

Shiseido was one of the first to engage in this technology with the launch of its cosmetic mirror. It seems that people can’t help but be attracted to the idea of trying on virtual make-up and receiving tailored recommendations, and the company even claims this helps reduce waste. A number of other leading make-up brands have followed suit and the novelty shows no sign of waning.

Clinique’s Even Better foundation took a different approach, bringing its print ads to life using augmented reality. At the click of a smartphone, customers can watch demonstration videos, locate their nearest stores and claim free samples.


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