Online prescription skin care service launches


First of its kind online store opens

A customised prescription skin care for acne and anti-ageing has been bought to market for the first time. US brand Curology has launched online, bringing the service to consumers in the US

Each new patient will be assigned to a licensed dermatologist or nurse practitioner through the site. The skin care experts will then evaluate pictures of the patient's skin and prescribe a medication tailored to their skin type. The products will be shipped to each consumer and they will have unlimited communications with their assigned healthcare provider. Consumers will be able to chat to the professionals though a secure online messaging platform, creating a long-term relationship.

Dermatologist Dr David Lortscher founded the innovative new store. He explained the reasons behind the development: "Prescription medications are highly effective for treating acne and wrinkles. But so many people can't spend the time required to visit a doctor's office and a pharmacy. So we built an end-to-end personalised experience that makes it simple to achieve clear, healthy and youthful skin."

The move has been funded by Sherpa Capital, which invested $42m in the venture. The investment will allow Curology to scale up its medical team and invest in research and development of prescription skin care. Scott Stanford, Co-founder at Sherpa Capital, commented: "Curology navigates the complex healthcare system by seamlessly integrating technology, dermatology and pharmaceutical science. It's a remarkably effective approach to a very real problem."

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The Curology brand originally traded under the name PocketDerm, initially treating just acne. Its pool of patients has increased more than 30% month on month since its launch.