O&3 – The Oil Family, Pushing Zero waste boundaries

Published: 1-Nov-2022

Zero waste products present skincare and cosmetic companies with a wealth of opportunities to increase their sustainability

O&3 has placed significant investment into re-thinking its product offering and is leading the way in bringing forward ingredients that help to reduce the environmental impact of the cosmetic industry.

It continues to believe that the industry can play a critical part in reducing emissions and avoiding waste wherever possible.

Zero waste products present skincare and cosmetic companies with a wealth of opportunities to increase their sustainability. As consumers report the environment and waste reduction as a key consideration factor when purchasing, there has never been a stronger reason to look at alternative, upcycled ingredients.

Bio-waste presents a significant proportion of greenhouse gas emissions when it hits landfill. A 2020 report from the European Environment Agency estimated that in the EU, approximately 88 million tonnes of waste is generated from the food value chain each year.

This waste has high potential for contributing to a more circular system and can deliver valuable upcycled ingredients as well soil-improving fertiliser.

Upcycled products mean that the bio-waste from agricultural and food industries can be reduced by extracting unwanted materials from the manufacturing process which become standalone by-products in their own right.

By-products including seeds, leaves, peels and stones are usually discarded but these derivatives can provide a nutrient rich ingredients list for beauty products. A key method for maximising these materials is using them to extract oil and exfoliating elements.

The oil from unused seeds and fruit stones contains key bioactive compounds including high levels of essential fatty acids, anti-oxidants and vitamins that can provide benefits for hair and skincare.

Thomas Kerfoot, Commercial Director at natural oil supplier O&3, explains: “we believe upcycled natural oils to be one solution for the cosmetic sector. The ingredients themselves carry incredible inherent benefits in their rich fatty acid profiles, but most importantly they are ingredients with a conscience, utilising minimal resource and not forgetting, zero-waste. We supply over 200 zero waste products to help brands and formulators create closed loop, eco-sensitive products without sacrificing quality.”

“We are constantly reviewing our supply chain of raw materials, improving our processes, exploring new seeds to deliver a dual functionality ingredient. By that I mean, functional in the performance of the ingredient, but also a wealthy marketing story with regards to its eco-conscious stance. This is just one of many ways we are actively reducing our carbon footprint.”

However, some oils require raw materials that are grown specifically for production. For O&3, this means ensuring that waste from this process is prevented from going to landfill. These waste streams are carefully managed and used either for animal feed or as a natural fertiliser.

In some instances like Rosehip Oil, waste is further used to create exfoliating scrubs and powders that can be used in finished products for removing dead skin and dirt. Scrubs are the final stage in the raw material lifecycle and complete a zero-waste circle for many natural products.

Using environmentally responsible products is no longer simply a desirable option but is increasingly becoming an obligation driven by consumer demand and an awareness of our eco-impact.

Upcycled, zero waste products maximise sustainability while also providing highly valuable benefits for skin and hair.

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