New innovations from Ally Beauty going to cruelty-free

Published: 7-Jul-2022

Ally Beauty's new cruelty-free PBT fibres include nano-antibacterial, nano-vitamin, collagen and nano negative

Ally Beauty Product Manufacture Co., Ltd., or Ally Beauty for short, established in 2014, is specialised in makeup brushes and other kinds of beauty tools. It has a wide range of products encompassing as diverse as handcrafted powder brushes, make-up brushes, eyeshadow brushes, blusher brushes, kabuki brushes, foundation brushes, mineral make-up brushes, etc.

As the market demands grow, Ally Beauty invested 55 million Yuan to build a new modern workshop covering an area of 8000m 2 in South China. Now it employs more than 200 workers including over 120 professional technicians and 20 plus engineers. High quality and visual appeal are at the centre of everything it does. Every single piece of product shows quality materials and advanced process, and looks trendy.

Today, words “cruelty free” have become buzzwords in cosmetic field as more and more consumers express their concerns about the impacts on animals in the beauty manufacturing procedures. Driven by this trend, many companies from beauty brands to suppliers are shifting towards healthier, cleaner and more lenient practices. Hence, Ally Beauty invests more in research activities to develop new features of synthetic brushes instead of animals furs. Here is a look at those new features:

Nano-Antibacterial PBT Fibres

Nano-antibacterial PBT fibres are made of anti-bacterial nano-materials based on nano-synthetic technology. As known, brush fibres may turn moist when applying with cosmetic products and the moist condition is ripe for breeding bacteria. Compared with traditional fibres, nano-antibacterial fibres have good antibacterial properties, and they can inhibit 86-99% of microorganism, including bacteria, fungus, mycete and spore. Thus, users will easily have a stable, hygienic skin condition. This is also the perfect partner for individuals with sensitive skin as it will not cause any stimulation or allergic reactions to skin.

Nano-Vitamin PBT Fibres

For this lab result, nano-vitamin C & E elements have been encapsulated within PBT fibres, and fibres function as transdermal delivery carriers to deliver nutrients to skin. The vitamin elements assist with balancing the skin PH value and enhancing skin metabolism . Moreover, nutrient elements make fibres softer. They are fluffy, soft and comfortable on the skin. Such fibres enhance the powdering ability of the brushes and make makeup more natural. Nano-vitamin fibres cause no stimulation and no allergic reactions to skin. Overall, nano-vitamin fibres create a perfect makeup experience while nourishing your skin.

Collagen PBT Fibers

As known, collagen is the main component of connective tissues in human body. As the functional protein, it benefits skin a lot, such as ensuring the elasticity and strength of the skin, accelerating metabolism, helping skin to absorb new moisture while preventing moisture loss. Adding collagen molecules to synthetic fibres will make fibres function like natural hair. What’s more, the collagen elements make bristles soft and fluffy, giving a better application of cosmetic products. Similar to above two products, collagen PBT fibres are featured by no stimulation and no allergic reactions to skin.

Nano Negative Ion PBT Fibres

Negative ion is known as the vitamin in the air. It brings a lot of health benefits. By weaving the nano negative ion into PBT fibres, the products can release negative ions and nourish your skin when applying with beauty products. Nano negative ion PBT fibres can activate cells, repair damaged cells, resist electromagnetic radiation and defer senility. These fibres feel soft and thus make powders easily applied. Without any no stimulation and no allergic reactions to skin, they are suitable for sensitive skin.

Above patented new features are results of Ally Beauty devoting much money and energy to R&D. Ally Beauty is a good example of animal-friendly beauty practices. It uses synthetic fibres to replace the animals furs to follow cruelty-free trends but it does not compromise on user experience. It strives to create a user experience that is as perfect as and even better than natural hair. By doing so, Ally Beauty has managed to turn the cruelty-free slogan into a reality.

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