New Sederma anti-pockmark active works with the ‘holobiont’

By Julia Wray | Published: 2-Mar-2022

BB-BIONT has been developed to respect the relationship between the human body and its microbiome

Sederma has launched a BB-BOINT, an active cosmetic ingredient that smooths the appearance of pockmarks.

The biomimetic peptide claims to heal the holobiont, the term used to describe the supraorganism of the human body and its microbiome.

Sederma explained that each damage to the skin generates an imbalance in its microbiome and vice versa.

BB-BIONT works by selectively slowing down the growth of Cutibacterium acnes and deconstructing its biofilm to avoid inflammatory skin damage.

It also preserves the microbiome biodiversity, promoting healthy skin.

Tested on two independent mixed panels, 1% BB-BIONT significantly reduced the volume of pockmarks (-18.9%) and skin roughness (-6.5%) after two months of application.

The ingredient is IECIC and RSPO compliant, water soluble and recommended for use at 1%.

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