Neutrogena recalls Light Therapy Acne Mask in the US

Published: 29-Jul-2019

Risk of ’eye injury’ according to the brand

Johnson & Johnson-owned skin care company Neutrogena has recalled its Light Therapy Acne Mask in the US due to what it called a “theoretical risk of eye injury”. 

The mask, launched in 2016, is used to treat acne: the concept is that the use of blue light kills the bacteria that cause acne, while red light reduces inflammation.

The product won a number of consumer awards and celebrity endorsements, and a pen version was later launched, which is not part of the recall.  

The company issued a statement on its website, saying: “Our decision to recall this product is being made out of an abundance of caution.  

The Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Mask is safe for use by the general population when used once per day as directed.

Reports of visual effects … are rare, generally mild and transient.  

For a small subset of the population with certain underlying eye conditions, as well as for users taking medications which could enhance ocular photosensitivity, there is a theoretical risk of eye injury.” 

Users experiencing eye issues are advised to stop using the mask and contact a healthcare professional. 

The Australian Department of Health, however, has advised all users - not just those with eye sensitivities - to stop using the product and has listed a range of possible deleterious effects including “eye pain, eye discomfort, eye irritation, tearing, blinding, blurring of vision, seeing spots/flashes and other changes in vision (for example colour).” 

Meanwhile, parent company J&J is planning to release the Neutrogena 3D personalised face mask from 2020, starting in China.

This a micro printed 3D hydrogel facial mask that is customised with personalised data from Neutrogena’s Skin360 system.  

It produces a mask that the company claims will fit the exact contours of the face and treat each area of the facial skin according to its needs.   

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