'Neo-hedonism' is the latest beauty buzzword to embrace post-lockdown


It's time to embrace guilt-free pleasure, with the rise of the neo-hedonism trend in beauty, writes Ben Sillence, Director of Strategy for brand design agency Lewis Moberly

New disrupter brands like Faace have laid the groundwork for 'neo-hedonism'

New disrupter brands like Faace have laid the groundwork for 'neo-hedonism'

The beauty sector, like many other categories, endured a period of intense change during the pandemic.

Locked-down, isolated and unable to socialise beyond the confines of a Zoom call, there was little need for cosmetic products which had been solidly woven into our daily lives pre-Covid. Instead, we focused on personal care and ritualistic experiences for self-care, excitement, cleansing and sanitising.

In adversity, consumers reaffirmed what is most important to them – community, meaningful connections and a sense of purpose. As we emerge from our quarantine of consumption, these attitudinal shifts have remained and consumers’ relationships with cosmetics have evolved. Relatability, empathy and responsibility are the core values experiencing greater levels of resonance.

Unrealistic beauty ideals, as historically peddled by brands and influencers, were already being criticised pre-Covid for the part they play in poor body image and mental health.

Insurgent brands, ...

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