Minerva Labs announces new clinical trials

Published: 23-Jun-2015

Studies investigate effects of collagen drinks

Minerva Research Labs, the UK company behind the liquid beauty supplement Gold Collagen, has revealed plans for new clinical trials looking at the effects of its collagen drinks on the skin.

The company revealed to Cosmetics Business that it is planning to undertake further trials into the effectiveness of its products, including research into the product's effects on eczema and other skin conditions as well as a three to four year study on its effects on arthritis and other joint disorders.

Dr Martin Godfrey, Lead Researcher at Minerva Labs, explained the importance of clinical trials for the company. He said: "The rationale behind the product, particularly if you have a scientific background, seems questionable," adding that basic science teaches us that any collagen consumed is broken down in the digestive system. However, for the hydrolyzed collagen in Gold Collagen this does not seem to be the case.

Godfrey said that the collagen particles enter the blood stream and work by switching on fibroblasts when they reach the skin. He said: "We’re waiting for publication of some in vitro studies that showed how this product really does work on switching the fibroblasts on. The fibroblasts not only produce more collagen but begin to multiply." The company believe this is the key behind the drink's anti-ageing and skin improving effect but could not reveal any more details about the study ahead of the offical publication of results later this year.

The brand has also recently added a range of 'minis' – the same product in a smaller, easier to carry package. The format is currently being trialled in Harrods, where Gold Collagen products are stocked in the Pharmacy, rather than the beauty hall. Elisa Raffealli, Senior Brand and Communications Manager at Minerva Research Labs, said the results of the trial were so far "really encouraging".

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