Mindful beauty collection


Cosmopak has introduced a new line of turnkey eco-friendly cosmetic products. Their formula innovations are focused around CBD, hemp seed, crystal geodes and clean ingredient lists.

The new offering is presented in bioplastic packaging options, post-consumer-recycled plastics, recyclable paper palettes, and recycled bags and brushes. “Showing the planet, a little love as well as yourself”, is the Mindful Beauty Collection mantra.

1. Cannabis

Cosmopak has created a line of turnkey cosmetics & skincare focused around cannabis. They have a collection of skincare formulas and textures packed with Non-Psychoactive Full-Spectrum CBD, as well as color cosmetics and makeup brushes infused with rich hemp seed oil.

2. Geodes

Cosmopak has introduced a collection of turnkey lip formulas featuring energy lifting crystals. Formulas are presented in post-consumer recycled plastic so you can raise your vibration while lowering your carbon footprint.

3. Clean Beauty

Consumer demand has been the top driver for the growth of the clean beauty movement, with NPD Group reporting10 percent growth in the natural beauty market, versus just 3.8 percent for mass and prestige products.

To that end, Cosmopak has created a selection of turnkey formulas that are mindfully created and produced without any suspected toxic ingredients. Their clean beauty offerings include ingredients ethically sourced and are made with the health of our bodies and the environment in mind.

Gen Z collection

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Cosmopak has created a collection of ready-to-launch cosmetic products that are geared towards instagrammable packaging and buzzworthy formulas. With direct-to-consumer brands and influencer collaborations on the rise, Cosmopak understands speed-to-market options and innovations are imperative for successful modern beauty brands and comes ready to order.

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