Milton-Lloyd launch their award-winning PERFUMER’S CHOICE collection exclusively in Superdrug

In the wake of tremendous online success, PERFUMER’S CHOICE is now available in UK Bricks and Mortar retail

This London-based, family-run Perfume Company is turning the tables on the exclusive world of luxury perfume by giving consumers the opportunity to purchase this exceptional fragrance collection at a wonderfully accessible price.

Milton-Lloyd has adopted a surprisingly rare approach to production, in prioritising the perfume oil over branding, advertising and packaging.

In property, it is said that the 3 most important elements are location, location, location… In perfumery it is the perfume oil, the perfume oil and the perfume oil.

By prioritising the liquid in the bottle, above all else, Milton-Lloyd offers the finest quality perfume oils, at the highest concentrations, to create premium fragrance collections at affordable prices.

Perfumer’s Choice is Milton-Lloyd’s most premium perfume collection to date; proudly created by a selection of the world’s leading Perfumers.

In the wake of tremendous international and online success, Perfumer’s Choice is now available to buy in UK Bricks and Mortar retail for the first time.

Milton-Lloyd’s aim is to change the traditional view that quality fragrance has to be expensive; they have successfully removed this financial barrier to luxury fragrance and proved that high-end fragrances can be made to be affordable.

Who are Milton-Lloyd?

Established in 1975, Milton-Lloyd is a London-based family business with over 40 years of passion for creative perfumery. The emphasis has always been on exceptionally high-quality perfume and value for money; superior quality, long-lasting fragrances, always offered at the lowest possible price.

All of Milton-Lloyd’s perfumes are made in England.

Why Superdrug?

Superdrug and Milton-Lloyd share a passion for delighting their consumers with outstanding quality and value. As a result, Superdrug was unmistakably the most fitting partner for Milton Lloyd’s debut UK retail launch.

Superdrug continues to delight their customers with an extensive understanding of quality perfume, the highest customer service standards, and a focus on making luxury perfume brands accessible to everyone at an affordable price.

The Products

PERFUMER’S CHOICE No9 by Victor Eau de Parfum, RRP £16.00

Fresh invigorating top notes of apple, bergamot and blackcurrant enhanced with juicy pineapple on a aromatic floral heart of Jasmin and Rose. The rich and elegant base notes of oakmoss, amber and warm vanilla impart sensuality and masculine power.

PERFUMER’S CHOICE No8 by Valerie Eau de Parfum, RRP £16.00

A feminine gourmand fragrance with fresh citrus, blackcurrant and orange flower top notes on a white floral, black pepper, coffee heart. The sweet and sensual base notes of cedar, patchoulli and vanilla envelope this warm and tenacious perfume.