Metsa Board\'s new linerboards

Published: 10-Apr-2014

Two new coated lightweight linerboards added to Modo Northern Light range

Two new coated lightweight linerboards have been added to Metsä Board's Modo Northern Light range. The first, Modo Northern Light Litho, was specially developed for litholamination, and is suitable for other offset applications. The other liner, Modo Northern Light Flexo, is recommended for flexo pre-print.

Both grades offer high whiteness, gloss and premium printing properties in lower substances. The use of pure fresh forest fibres makes these liners suitable for sensitive products in the beauty sector.

“It is possible to create a very light but strong corrugated structure by using both coated and uncoated Modo Northern Light in various combinations of top and reverse side liner, and the uncoated grade as fluting,” said Risto Auero, VP Linerboard Sales at Metsä Board.

All Modo Northern Light grades have good strength characteristics, both in tensile strength or elasticity and compressibility, and have a low washboard tendency due to their high bulk.

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