Luxury and Safety - Virospack presents the metal shell finish for the safest dropper on the market

Published: 17-Mar-2022

Virospack expands its wide range of droppers with a glossy, elegant, and very premium finish, for a unique dropper on the market

The Safest Dropper on the market, by Virospack, is also known in the sector as The Dropper for CBD.

It´s a dropper developed by the company's technical team in the face of the growing trend in cosmetics to use formulas with ingredients such as CBD or THC.

It´s a classic dropper that incorporates a special child-proof safety closure system, for cosmetic formulas that by legislation require greater protection.

We are talking about the only dropper in the beauty industry Child-Resistant certificated.

Thanks to the new sealing system that incorporates in its cap, requires users to press down and turn, making it more difficult to open following industry standards.

The cap is composed of two pieces, and both can be totally personalised in different colours and finishes. It´s a secure dropper that offers the highest level of functionality, precision, and compatibility.

Above these excellent characteristics, it brings also the quality and a high level of finishes available in colour injection, painting, and metallisation, to which the metal shell adds today for answering to a luxury, on top of secure, positioning.

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