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Lush chases Asos’ 24 million users with new retail link up

By Becky Bargh | Published: 7-Jun-2021

Lush becomes one of 200 beauty brands now sold on the retailer’s website – but it’s only on a temporary basis

Beauty is in the eye of Asos as the fast fashion retailer becomes the first-ever stockist of Lush’s beauty portfolio.

Hot on the heels of its partnership with Huda Beauty, the online selling giant has landed an exclusive deal with one of beauty’s biggest brands, selling 17 of the brand’s product kits, plus four shampoo bars, as well as a new signature bath bomb, limited to the Gen Z-targeted retailer.

This is Lush's largest ever retail deal in its 25-year history, having never partnered with a third party retailer on this scale.

The brand has primarily opted for a direct-to-consumer selling strategy through its entourage of stores and websites, which includes more than 900 shops in 48 countries.

By joining forces with Asos, the team will have access to its 24 million active users, a hefty increase from Lush’s 1.5 million online shoppers.

“Like selecting a prominent high street or shopping centre, we know Asos is a prominent digital marketplace where customers in their millions are shopping, so we wanted to trial selling a selection of our hero products [...] on there,” said Lush in a press statement.

“The aim is to introduce the Asos audience to wonderful, effective Lush products and hopefully make them curious to learn more about our other products and us as a business.”

Keeping in touch with its ethical practices, Lush shoppers via Asos will be able to scan a code that gives them the product’s ingredient list, benefits and how to use it.

Meanwhile, according to Lush, Asos is ranked in the top 10% of UK companies that are transparent about their supply chain, another reason for choosing to partner with the retailer.

But Lush’s new found freedom for third-party retailing is only on a temporary basis.

Lush has committed to just six months of partnership with the retailer, starting today, and will be reassessed after the period.

“Even if we only turn 1% of Asos’ unique users into Lush customers, that’s hundreds of thousands of new people using our wonderful, effective Lush products with embedded values,” added the brand.

Lush is said to have consulted research association Ethical Consumer for their opinions on the partnership.

To date, Asos offers more than 200 new and cult beauty brands via its website, stocking around 10,000 products.

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