Lumene bridges gap between colour and care


New Instant Glow Fresh Skin Tint offers natural coverage with skin care benefits

Lumene bridges gap between colour and care

Finnish beauty brand Lumene has developed a new lightweight base that promises natural coverage with hydrating skin care benefits.

New Instant Glow Fresh Skin Tint, part of the brand’s Invisible Illumination collection, features a gel texture that ’breaks’ on the skin to give a fresh feel upon application.

Skin nourishing Nordic ingredients including organic birch sap, Arctic spring water, wild Arctic cloudberry and red algae extract work to protect and hydrate the skin, leaving it soft, plumped and radiant.

In clinical trials it was found to provide a significant moisturising effect to the upper layers of the epidermis after an hour of wear, while increasing cutaneous hydration by 58%.

“This is a truly unique base product because it behaves very differently to foundation,” said Lumene’s Global Head of Make-up, Tiina Frazer.

“When skin is moisturised, it means the products we use on top stay on better. We’ve harvested raw materials from our doorstep to create a really different hybrid make-up product.”

The product is available in four shades - Universal Light, Universal Medium, Universal Dark and Universal Deep, which can be layered up for greater coverage if needed.

The product is available now at priced at £32.90.

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