Layers by Experimental Perfume Club brings bespoke perfumery into the hands of the consumer

Published: 6-Apr-2020

Welcome to the first collection of niche luxury fragrances by perfume house Experimental Perfume Club.

Wear Layers alone or blend them together in endless possible combinations to create your own personalised fragrance. Just like a story, it has a beginning, middle and an end.

The beginning must draw you in with impact; the middle must have true imagination and emotion; and the end must stay with you long after you’ve walked away.

Find the fragrance that tells your story, right from the first drop.

Blend Layers from different collections for endless variations and create unique fragrances found nowhere else.

Each collection of Layers comes as a trio of fragrances that represent the top, middle and base: three parts that form the backbone of any fragrance architecture.

The Layers fragrances inside each collection have been crafted by our perfumer to naturally complement one another.

Layers 1

Top layer:
Bergamot/Incense Eau de Parfum Citrus and exotic spices are brought together in this bright fragrance with Eastern influence. With bergamot oil, juniper berry oil, incense oil, olibanum, tea notes and iris.

Mid layer:
Jasmine/Osmanthus Eau de Parfum, a creamy tribute to white flowers with apricot and coconut, warmed up by a hot sand effect. With jasmine absolute, osmanthus absolute, frangipani flowers and mineral notes.

Base Layer:
Sandalwood/Musk Eau de Parfum, a mineral sandalwood met with powdery musks and darker touches of leather and vetiver. With pink peppercorn, sandalwood oil India, leather suede, vetiver and ambroxan.

Layers 2

Top layer:
Fig/Neroli Eau de Parfum, the crunch of fresh herbs in a child’s hand – a garden in bloom surrounds.bWith Tunisian orange blossom absolute, fig, Haitian vetiver, petitgrain, basil, iris, Virginian cedarwood and Siam benzoin.

Mid layer:
Rose/Rhubarb Eau de Parfum Roses bushes grow from a rhubarb patch. With rhubarb, blackcurrant leaves, peony, Moroccan rose absolute, and white musks.

Base layer:
Amber/Iris Eau de Parfum, an amber wrapped in powdery notes; dark yet soft. With ambrette seed absolute, Somalian incense oil, labdanum absolute, myrrh absolute, Indonesian patchouli, vanilla absolute, Italian iris and ambroxan.

Layers Bespoke Blending Collection

Pick one Top, Mid and Base Layer to create your own personalised fragrance that speaks to you. Follow our perfumer recommended formulas or create your own blend with endless possible combinations.

Introducing eco-conscious refills

With the consumer becoming more eco-conscious, Experimental Perfume Club offers a refill service. Consumers are able to send back their empty 50ml Layers bottles for a refill of the juice at a reduced cost.

There is also the opportunity to invest in larger collectable 125ml Perfume Decanters to refill smaller bottles.

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