Lalique speaks to the modern woman with new fragrance trio

Published: 5-Jul-2018

The House of Lalique has expanded its exclusive Les Compositions Parfumées line with three new feminine fragrances. The brief was for three modern olfactory stories based on emotions, which use both natural and molecular ingredients.

Like all Lalique fragrances, the new additions have also been inspired by the arts of perfumery, jewellery making and crystal making. They are housed in Les Compositions Parfumées’ Art Deco-style flacon, which showcases the scents’ delicate colour palette.

Sweet Amber – the amber coloured scent – was created by Philippe Romano. It features gourmand notes of vanilla and anise with a bouquet of white flowers, including jasmine sambac, tuberose and orange blossom. The use of Galaxolide, a clean, soft musk, is said to help ‘lift’ the florals.

Electric Purple by perfumer Nathalie Lorsen pays homage to Lalique founder René Lalique’s modernity and is based on a synthetic boysenberry accord. It is lit up with bitter grapefruit, as well as mint and violet leaves. Moss and patchouli at the base provide a modern twist on chypre.

Pink Paradise is inspired by a fresh see breeze and features juicy citrus with an oceanic, mineral note provided by Calone. Heliotrope and jasmine make up the floral heart, while musks and woods at the base are lent a creamy quality by the addition of Iso E Super.    

Ane Ayo of Drom Fragrances was the perfumer behind Pink Paradise.

Speaking with Cosmetics Business, Ayo said: “Many fragrances are based around synthetic raw materials – and then naturals are added to give breadth and depth, and to enhance quality. But the synthetics also add quality. Both are very important to perfumery.

“Calone is a very oceanic and marine note with a salty effect. In Spain, where I come from, you get this blend of citrus with salty breeze.

“When I was asked to take part in this project, I was really moved by brief that they wanted to create ‘the shortest way to emotion’. I really kept that in mind when I was creating this fragrance; I wanted to keep it simple and yet very rich,” she added.

Commenting on her choice of fragrance ingredients, Ayo said: “The idea was to find two or three raw materials that I liked, which have something unique, and build the fragrance around them.

“For me, Calone adds modernity to the citrus at the top. Iso E Super is a very velvety and subtle cedar-wood note that is very feminine and elegant; that was the leader in the base. And in the heart we had a floral bouquet with jasmine and heliotrope, which has a powdery effect.”

The fragrances launch in October with an RRP of £190 each. Their introduction follows the launch of the original six Les Compositions Parfumées in 2017.

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