L'Occitane chooses Albéa's eco-design tubes


Verdon and Armachologie lines given eco makeover

As part of its commitment to use more environmentally-friendly packaging, French beauty brand L\'Occitane has chosen to work with Albéa for the launch of several new products, notably in its Verdon and Aromachologie ranges. Albéa was involved from the design phase and offers its clients the possibility to use Post Consumer Recycled material from recycled milk bottles, which reduces the carbon footprint of its standard tubes by 10%. The new all-green tubes made for L\'Occitane have a body and cap containing almost 50% PCR plastic.

For its Outdoor moisturizer, the latest product in the Verdon range, L\'Occitane has chosen Albéa\'s Soft Precitube TM. This is a tube of 30mm in diameter, featuring an airless pump which ensures maximal protection of the natural formula for a precise dosage and avoids any oxidation of the formulae even after use.

The brand has also chosen chosen Albéa\'s Artist Roll\'on TM for its Instant energy eye gel, also part of the Verdun range. It features a stainless steel roll-on ball applicator on a tube of 16mm in diameter and gives an immediate feeling of coolness and a relaxing massage when applied to the contours of the eyes.

Finally, in its Aromachologie range, for a Concentrated Mask containing 5 essential oils, Albéa recommended that L\'Occitane use a tube of 40mm in diameter with a cannula head nozzle. This specific applicator offers more precision in the dosage and distribution of the product which can be applied directly and more hygienically.

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